FlyRing™ Guyline Cord & Rope Tensioner (6-Pack)

Lightweight tensioner for Hiking, Camping & Backpacking


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The FlyRing™ Cord Tensioner was designed to make tightening, tensioning and securing cords simple and easy without the need to use knots.


The FlyRing™ Cord Tensioner was designed to make tightening, tensioning and securing cords simple and easy without the need to use knots. Constructed from ultra-strong aluminum, these ring-shaped tensioners offer high strength, slip-free tensioning and holding power for your tent and rainfly in all conditions. These tensioners will make setting up and tensioning your tent, tarp or rainfly effortless. Sure you can use the old boy scout hitch knot but why should you when there is an easier and more efficient way? FlyRings are simpler, quicker and easier to use when setting up camp. They will make setting up a breeze especially when you are tired and hungry after a long day of hiking and need to get set up before the weather rolls in. The FlyRings will also come in handy when trying to extend an existing guy line when you want to wrap around a tree that’s a bit out of reach. Use a FlyRing to join two or more cords together and make them whatever length you need.

  • FUNCTIONAL: Perfect for rigging and tensioning rainflys, tents, tarps, paracords, and guylines without using knots.
  • VERSATILITY: FlyRing Tensioners can be used in a variety of applications including rigging and tensioning a line for hanging food and bear bags out of reach of critters, rigging and tensioning clotheslines to dry out wet clothing at camp, on guylines, hammock, rainfly, backpacking, and thru-hiking. The Deep red color makes them highly visible.
  • DURABLE: Made of corrosion resistant aluminum and strong enough to hold down your rainfly, tent, or tarp in any weather that nature throws at you.
  • LIGHT & COMPACT: At only 2.4 grams, they are exceptionally lightweight, compact and packable.
  • QUICK & EASY: The FlyRings cord tensioners allow quick setup when pitching and tensioning your tent or rainfly. No hitch knots to remember or fumble with. Super easy to use.
  • Popular Uses:

    • Guying out and tensioning rainflys, tents, tarps
    • Stringing LED lights or mini lanterns at camp for better lighting
    • Rigging bear bags and hanging food out of reach of critters
    • Extending the length of existing guy lines by joining two or more cords together with a FlyRing.
    • Rigging clotheslines to dry out wet clothing
    • Securing items on the roof rack of your vehicle
    • Tying camping utensils to your backpack when hiking
    • Quick setup. No hitch knots to remember or fumble with
    • Lightweight, packable, dependable, and functional. Ideal for backpacking
    • Super easy to use and adjust tension of guyline
    • Can be used on cords ranging from 2mm to 5mm in diameter

    Package includes:

    • 6 FlyRing™ tensioners
    • Product Instructions (back of package)

    Proudly designed in Minneapolis MN, USA.

4 reviews for FlyRing™ Guyline Cord & Rope Tensioner (6-Pack)

  1. Michael Baffrey

    First, I need to say that the owner of Outdoor Donkey was very responsive when I expressed that the FlyRing tensioners did not work as advertised. After much dialogue, we realized the reason these tensioners allowed cordage to slip.

    The schematic instructions on the FlyRing tensioner package are incorrect. The Outdoor Donkey logo on the tensioner needs to be oriented towards the stake or other anchor. Schematic numbers 1-4 are wrong. If you follow these, the logo is oriented towards the tarp/tent. This results in the running end of the cordage to be aligned directly with the stake and allows slippage. The tensioners work perfectly if the cordage is inserted correctly. It is exactly the same process of threading the cordage through the three openings on the tensioners but you need the tensioner oriented correctly. If the logo is facing the stake or anchor, it will work. Schematic number 5 on the package showing the final configuration is correct. The photo above also shows the correct final configuration.

  2. Outdoor Donkey Customer

    These tensioner seem to be of good quality but I cannot get them to hold tension on 3mm guylines for this reason I have provided them with a 3 star rating. I followed the instructions on the back of the package to make sure I had the guyline fed through the holes properly, I will try them with some 4mm paracord and see if they work.

  3. Peter

    I think the Outdoor Donkey tensioner is a great product. Just used them on a trip to Fire Island in NY, and they performed perfectly on a tarp I had over the picnic table. The tensioners stayed tight even with some really stiff ocean breezes, and the tarp was always nice and taught. Once you get the hang of them, they’re simple to use! Just keep the Outdoor Donkey label pointing towards the stake and you’ll be fine! I recommend this product.

  4. Marty Montgomery

    The product works great but the instruction on the back of the package on how to run the rope through it are wrong.

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Weight 2.4 grams
Diameter 25 mm
Material Aluminum
Tensile Strength 200 lbs

Proudly designed in Minneapolis MN, USA.