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My name is Sean. I am one of the founders of Outdoor Donkey, LLC. Outdoor Donkey is based in Minneapolis, MN, and was founded in 2016 out of frustration with a picnic blanket that we bought at an outdoor specialty store. We quickly realized that we needed a "stay put" blanket when we took our 6-month old son to an airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (EAA AirVenture). We put him down for a nap on the picnic blanket and the blanket kept moving around each time he did and would gather in various spots as he tossed and turned. To make matters worse, the wind kept folding over the ends of the blanket on top of him. We thought it would be great to have a blanket that would “stay put”, so we went to work on creating one.

The design we came up with involves the use of 4 specially designed stakes which are used to anchor the blanket to the ground so it does not move around each time someone moves or the wind blows. This is similar to the concept of using stakes to anchor a tent. While we were at it, we had to design a set of stakes that would work for this blanket because we could not find any that worked for us. After several prototypes, we had a product that was amazing. We called it the " StayPut Connect Blanket ". StayPut because it will stay where ever you put it. Connect because you can easily connect multiple blankets to form one giant blanket.

A byproduct of our StayPut Connect Blanket were some awesome stakes ( StayPut Aero™ 7075 ) that our customers love. We noticed our customers were also using their StayPut Stakes to anchor their tents. Many of our customers wanted the stakes because they were amazingly lightweight, and super strong which made them ideal for backpacking. Because of customer demand, we started offering the stakes as a separate item. A few months later, we added a second stake that we call the StayPut Deep-V™ Titanium . The Deep-V is stronger and perfect in loose soil and sand.


Whether you are new to outdoor adventure or a pro, we are happy to share our love and passion for the trails, slopes, and waterways with you through our blog and all the amazing products that we offer on our site. Our mission is to help you and millions of other people like you to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors so that you can live a happier and healthier life.


We chose to carve new paths to bring you innovative features that make the outdoors more enjoyable. We partner with manufacturers, engineers, and designers locally and around the world to bring our innovative product designs to life and to you.

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