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Thumb28 Jun, 2020

The StayPut Connect Picnic Blanket

My goal for the blog this month was to write a piece about our very first and original product, the StayPut Connect Picnic Blanket. I started putting pen to paper. I wrote about how it was inspired by our first kid and his first trip to my favorite s...

Thumb14 May, 2020

Product Spotlight: Big Bertha Forged Steel Tent Stakes

In the first blog post, I briefly mentioned our Big Bertha Tent stake. This month I'll dive a little deeper into these amazing tent stakes and highlight why I think they are the best heavy-duty tent stakes available today.

The Big Bertha Tent St...

Thumb01 Apr, 2020

Clean Water in Uncertain Times

Water is our most important resource and is vital for all forms of life on this planet. Our planet consists of 71% water, however, only about 3% of it is fresh water. The vast majority, 97%, of this water is in seas and oceans.

According to the ...


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