Product Spotlight: Big Bertha Forged Steel Tent Stakes

Thumb 14 May, 2020

In the first blog post, I briefly mentioned our Big Bertha Tent stake. This month I'll dive a little deeper into these amazing tent stakes and highlight why I think they are the best heavy-duty tent stakes available today.

The Big Bertha Tent Stake is the third set of stakes we developed for our Outdoor Donkey line of camping and hiking gear. We already had the ridiculously lightweight aluminum StayPut Aero Tent Stakes and our best-seller, the StayPut Deep-V Titanium Tent Stakes. The next logical step was to create a tent stake that can bore through rocks, concrete, etc., and hold down something like the Vanheim.  I really cannot take all the credit for introducing these stakes, the project was mostly driven by feedback from our amazing customers (we love you guys BTW) and several requests for a type of stake that can pretty much hold down a tent in hurricane-force winds.

Vanaheim tent


The Big Bertha is a forged steel military-grade Type II tent stake that has been heat-treated to a hardness of 38-45 Rockwell C (HRC). Okay, what does this really mean? An HRC rating of 38-45, means it has a tensile strength of up to 215,000 Psi, which makes it one of the strongest and toughest tent stakes available. Yes, it's one hell of a tough and rugged stake but we not only wanted a stake that would stand up to the elements and the constant hammering from years of use but we also wanted it to be attractive. It had to look amazing. It had to be striking. We wanted something that we'd be proud to carry around and show off. A tent stake that would stand out at the campsite. Most importantly, we wanted a tent stake that our customers would love. To achieve these results, we decided to bake it. Yes, we baked it in red enamel. The baked-on enamel coating produced a hard glossy finish. Not only that, but it also produces a uniform, dense, tough outer shell that is very wear-resistant.  Wear resistance was very important since tent stakes tend to live outside in the dirt. We want the stakes to last a long time since we offer a 5-year warranty on this tent stake.


These are not light-duty stakes. These stakes are meant for conditions that will totally destroy other tent stakes. As such, they are not lightweight. Each stake measures in about 7 ounces. For comparison, our aluminum StayPut Aero Tent Stakes is less than one ounce (measures in at 0.25 ounces).

Material Forged Steel
Color Red
Length 12 in (300 mm)
Weight 6.4 oz (182 grams)
Diameter 0.35 inch (9 mm)

One question I often get is about the name, Big Bertha. So Seattle is one of my favorite cities and the name Big Bertha was influenced by the Bertha tunnel boring machine that was used to dig the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel in Seattle. At the time, Bertha was the world's largest earth pressure balance tunnel boring machine and I was really fascinated by it and the whole process of tunneling.


Watch the video below for a detailed review on YouTube by uwanitbad. He did a pretty detailed, comprehensive review of the Big Bertha Tent stake. He even compared nighttime visibility with some other heavy-duty tent stakes.

You can also read up on what our customers are saying by checking out the Amazon reviews  here:

Why do I think you'll love the Big Bertha? If you camp in rocky areas, in windy conditions, on the beach, or if you just need to hold down a 10-foot banner, in the case of one customer, the Big Bertha is just what you need. These are some of the strongest tent stakes on the market right now and I honestly believe that our rugged Big Bertha Forged Steel Tent Stakes are the most durable stakes you will ever use.

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